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What to Expect

during your visit


Yes, we do take insurance and we will gladly check your benefits. Currently we are In Network with United Health Care and a handful of Blue Shield plans. In order to verify your benefits you will  need to provide us with your insurance company, policy number, and date of birth prior to your appointment. If you are with another Insurance company, we can still check for any out-of-network benefits.


First visits - plan for roughly 90 minutes.
Follow up appointments are between 55-75 minutes.
Let us know if you have an engagement immediately following your visit.


Upon scheduling your appointment, Intake forms will be emailed to you.
If you are unable to fill them out, you can fill them out at the time of your appointment.


Please do not brush your Tongue on the day of your appointment. 
Arrive 10 minutes before your appointment, go to the bathroom and begin to relax.          Your treatment is most beneficial if you are in a calm, non-rushed state of being.


Loose fitting clothing is preferable. We will usually need access to your legs, just above the knee and your arms, just above the elbow, as well as your abdomen.  
Many patients bring a pair of shorts to change into or we have gowns for you to use.


We usually have a blend of different essential oils diffusing in our office.
Please let us know ahead of time if you have any allergies or are sensitive to any/all oils.


We do some deep work in these sessions. I strongly recommend you have an empty or light schedule following your session. You'll want to be able to journal, meditate, or marinate in all the juicy goodness that came up during your session. Do your best to avoid Politics, Arguments, and White Sugar after theses sessions. 


Please come with no makeup and comfortable clothing. We use essential oils during these treatments that make the skin more sensitive to the sun, so please try to minimize your time outdoors following these sessions.


 There is a parking garage entrance on Barrington that is cash only. Otherwise, there is meter parking and street parking outside the building. Garage parking is free on Saturdays. 

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