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Reset Cleanse
January 16 - February 5, 2023

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The time is almost upon us once again! 

Once a year, I lead a group detox. But honestly, it's more of a “Reset.” So moving forward, we'll be calling it our Reset cleanse. Why? Well, many of you who have participated understand that this is no typical program. And it isn't so much a detox as it is a “Back to basics.” 

For 21 days 

It is a fantastic chance to set new healthy and clean habits. We eliminate all sugar, grains, dairy, caffeine, and alcohol.


And this will be the 6th year in a row we have done this! 


There are daily supplements to support the Liver and aid in the elimination of toxins. All supplements are vegetarian, non-GMO, organic, whole food-based, as well as farmed and packaged here in the U.S. 💪🏽 


I provide you with all the handouts you need, including

• Daily sample diet

• List of what not to eat

• Lists of snack ideas, a pantry list

• Green drink recipes 


As well as 

• Zoom Q & A

• Daily email motivators 

• Videos breaking down this detox 


• Weekly emails with recipes


There's a lot of hand-holding during these 21 days- if that's what you need. 🤗 


Oh, and you better believe I do this with you!

Not many practitioners do a detox with their patients…just saying!

(insert high five here).


I'll be honest, if you've never joined this program before, it is challenging for first-timers. If you can, grab a friend or partner to join you in this. I always recommend doing this with a partner because things are always easier and more enjoyable with a buddy. I find the benefits greatly outweigh the challenges. 


This is a program where you eat every meal.

NO meal replacements & NO fasting here!



January 16- February 5, 2023

Pricing includes all detox supplements + handouts + recipes + weekly emails and me holding your hand along the way.


Early Bird $140 ends 12/10

(not including protein powder)


Regular  $150

(not including protein powder)


Protein powder is an additional $75

added to your daily Green Drink

comes in plain, vanilla, or chocolate

sweetened with monk fruit 😋


In-office pick up free.

Ship to you $15


All sales are final. 



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