$195: Initial exams ~1.5-2 hrs


$120: Follow-up sessions ~ 75-90 min


$195: Esoteric Acupuncture 1.5-2 hrs

$135: Facial aka Cosmetic Acupuncture ~ 75-90 min

(10 sessions recommended. 10% off if you purchase all 10 sessions in full)

Baraja Espanola

$99: 45-minute readings In-person or virtual available

Traditional 40 card divination sessions. Please have a question, situation, or topic you would like more insight on, along with an open heart and mind.

Postpartum Bliss


→ 6 weeks of acupuncture, one home visit per week for six weeks. Along with 6 weeks’ worth of herbs that support the body during postpartum and are safe to take while breastfeeding.

Treatment includes a combination of acupuncture, gentle bodywork, Moxa, Gua Sha or cupping. It all depends on the body.

(this is the rate for homes within an 8 mile radius of our office. additional fees apply for homes outside this radius)

Cupping Sessions

$85: Traditional glass and fire cupping with some acupressure ~ 45 minutes

Couples Cupping

$160: Traditional glass and fire cupping with some acupressure ~ 45 minutes

Celestial Seeker


→ 6 Esoteric Acupuncture sessions + 3 Baraja Española readings

Herbal Consults

$99: These can be done in person or online, plus the cost of the herbs.

Virtual Consults

$99: ~ 30-45 minutes

Think acupressure points, herbal formula, nutritional support, breathing exercises, Qi Gong exercises, and maybe even walk you through how to do Gua Sha or Tuina on yourself! We can also have herbal formulas, nutritional supplements, essential oils, or a handmade balm sent your way and teach you how/where/when to apply it.



This is for someone who is ready to reset and build healthier habits and lifestyle.

**This program is not recommended while pregnant or breast-feeding

week 1: acupuncture + supplements to prepare the liver and gallbladder for a detox

week 2-4: acupuncture + 21 day detox program

week 5: acupuncture + post-detox herbs

Moxibustion aka Moxa

By burning Moxa (Mugwort) on or near an acupuncture point, we are able to dispel cold, warm the qi, and invigorate the blood.