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Healthy Green Smoothies


January 17- February 6, 2022

Ready to make some serious healthier & cleaner lifestyle changes?

Every January, I lead a 21-day group cleanse. We eliminate all sugar, grains, dairy, caffeine, and alcohol.

There are daily supplements to support the Liver and aid in the elimination of toxins. All supplements are vegetarian, non-GMO, organic, whole food-based, as well as farmed and packaged here in the U.S.

I provide you with all the handouts you need, including a daily sample diet, a list of what not to eat, lists of snack ideas, a pantry list, Green drink recipes, and weekly emails with appetizer/entree/ and dessert recipes. There's a lot of hand-holding during these 21 days- if that's what you need. 

Oh, and I do this with you! Not many practitioners do a detox with their patients… just saying! (insert high five here).

If you can, grab a friend or partner to join you in this. I always recommend doing this with a partner because things are always easier and more enjoyable with a buddy :)

This is a fantastic way to build new habits and have weight melt off of you as well!

  • Detoxification gently nudges the body to shed both pounds and toxins, supporting the body to ensure the weight is not gained back, improves your immune function and your ability to cope with environmental toxins.

  • Feel healthy and help your performance reach its peak!

  • 21 days eliminating the junk from your diet, fueling yourself with high-quality ingredients, and creating a healthier lifestyle.​

  • NO meal replacements & NO fasting here!

Early Bird Special: Detox  $120- ends December 11, 2021
(not including protein powder)

Regular: Detox  $135
(not including protein powder)

Protein powder is an additional $71

added to your daily Green Drink

comes in plain, vanilla, or chocolate

sweetened with monk fruit.

 Upon ordering, you will receive an invoice via email. Supplies can all be picked up at the office or drop-shipped to you for an additional $10

• Ready to rock 2022? To join, please give us a call or send us a message! •

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